Learning from the Past – Looking to the Future

With over 25 of experience in the area of banknote processing and banking technology, we have already achieved a personal historical marker. What is more important though is the question of how the story will go on? Our philosophy is to always look forward, but it is also important to remember one’s roots.


  • 07.2014: Julong cooperates with the UNIVESITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LIAONING (USTL) and founds the “College of International Finance & Bank”.
  • 03.2014: Julong is listed in “Forbes Top 10 Potential Public Companies”.
  • 02.2014: All banknote sorters, including the Cash Processing Center JL8000, pass the ECB test by the German National Bank.


  • 08.2013: Opening ceremony for the “National Financial Security & System Equipment Engineering Research Center”.
  • 08.2013: The subsidiary Julong Europe GmbH is established to serve the European market.


  • 10.2012: Julong’s stock is awarded by CCTV as most promising company in the category “Growth Enterprises Market”.


  • 04.2011: Julong stocks are listed at the Shenzhen stock exchange under number 300202. The initial price is 22,38 RMB per stock and 21.2M stocks are issued.


  • 12.2007: Julong’s banknote sorters are participating for the first time at the ECB test. All machines pass with flying colors.


  • Founding of Liaoning Julong Financial Equipment Co., Ltd. (at provincial level).


  • The first fitness sorter is developed.


  • Founding of Anshan Julong (at city level) – The first automated packaging system (for 10 bundles) is developed.


  • Founding of Anshan Wulong – The first bundling machine is developed.


  • Founding of Gongye Nielong (approx. 20 employees) with focus on nylon production.