Julong Europe is a subsidiary of Julong Corp., Ltd. the market leader in China’s banking technology sector and with a steadily growing company value of 1.96bn Euros. Specialized in banking technology and banknote processing machines, we are growing globally and are always looking for new talents. Julong Europe is offering you the chance to join us at our European headquarters in Frankfurt and be part of this international success story.

Our employees are the core of the company and it is their commitment, extraordinary motivation, and expert knowledge that are driving the positive development of Julong in Europe. That is why it is very important for us to treat our employees with respect and dignity – they are the company’s most valuable resource.

Our company motto “Smelting Innovations – Forging the Future” does not only include our products and services but is also the basis for growth and development of all our employees – from intern to general manager. The innovation driven thinking of each colleague is integral for us to use our potential and to continue writing our success story.

Applications – What are we looking for?

Julong Europe is looking for all-rounders who like to think ‘out of the box’ and whose creative ideas will help advance the company. We are mostly looking for new talent in the areas of sales and marketing. But we are also open towards applications from specialists with a technical or legal background.

Where do I find job advertisments from Julong Europe?

Open positions are advertised on the sub-pages “Professionals and Graduates” and “Students”. You are also welcome to send us a speculative application if no position is advertised or if your profile does not match an advertised position.

All the terms used on our career page are to be understood in a gender neutral way.