JL8000 Cash Processing System


  • Modular set-up for full customization
  • 2-12 sorting stations working at once
  • Data monitoring for highest degree of accountability and safety
  • Quiet and eco-friendly
  • Fully automated process for highest efficiency
  • Easy accessibility for minimal downtime

The Fully Automated Cash Processing System

The JL8000 is Julong’s award-winning, fully automated cash processing solution. It is a completely modular system allowing for highest flexibility and customization to meet both physical limitations, such as available space, and individual set-up needs.

Modular Layout

The JL8000 fully automates your cash processing, minimizing human intervention and the potential for errors. The system is composed of multiple JL8010 sorting- and bundling stations, a three-storied conveyance and distribution system, a central PC controlling station, and individual packaging and labeling stations for both Fit and ATM-fit banknote bundles. The entire system is designed to allow for full customization and can be configured any way you need. The modular set-up is easily accessible, eliminating the need of lengthy and often costly maintenance work and reducing downtime. Furthermore the system is closed, minimizing noise and pollution and creating a safe working environment for both your employees and other machines.


The JL8000 has four distinct transportation  routes, one for each sorting mode: ATM-fit, Fit, Unfit, and Counterfeit. While counterfit notes go directly to the reject pocket, ATM-fit, Fit, and Unfit notes are bundled and stamped at the sorter before going on their different paths on one of the three levels of the conveyor belt line.

Unfit notes ride on the lowest level towards an exit where they can be collected and discarded, Fit notes travel the center line to a strapping station where ten bundles of Fit notes are strapped by three tapes, following international norms, and labeled. ATM-fit bundles go to the topmost transportation line, are strapped to one batch of ten, shrink wrapped, thus protecting the notes from damage, and labeled.

The JL8000 can be equipped with up to twelve JL8010 sorting stations, with integrated bundling and stamping, and can process between 60,000 and 280,000 banknotes per hour, depending on its configuration.

Data Monitoring

The operating system of the JL8000 ensures that the cash handling process is transparent, accountable, and safe. The system tracks a multitude of useful data and information, such as customer ID, date, time, number of notes, split ratio, request for service, etc. It will recognize each banknote’s individual serial number, fully decode it and make it available for further database processing.

The intelligent software applications let you track the entire cash handling process in real-time while maintaining the highest security standards. Julong’s fully automated cash processing system JL8000 shines in high workload environments, such as cash centers and central banks, where security and efficiency are the highest priorities.

“Our Money” – ECB Certificate

The machine’s cutting-edge ES2-platform ensures that you are able to process future ES2-banknotes, and lets you be prepared for anything the new banknotes from the ECB-Europe-series, have to offer.

Serial Number Recognition

The image recognition module with its multiple CIS is able to recognize each banknote’s individual serial number and fully decode it. It can compare the serial numbers to blacklists, either stored internally or externally via network, and will notify the operator if a blacklisted number was found. This will stop counterfeit money at the most vital level and facilitate communication between central- and commercial banks.

20140801145729_3160 20140801145729_4610

The JL8000-B Series received the silver medal at the “China Red Star Design Awards” in 2013. Proving itself in a field of over 5000 competitors, the JL8000 shows Julong’s innovative power and design savvy.

Technical Data

The data below refers to one JL8010 sorting- and bundling station. The JL8000 can be composed of anywhere between two and twelve JL8010 stations.

Pocket-Capacities 1000 Notes (Feeder)

500 Notes (Output-Pockets)

100 Notes (Reject-Pockets)

 Number of Pockets 4 or 7 Output Pockets

2 or 1 Reject Pocket(s)

1 Bundling Pocket

Modes Fitness-/Denomination-/Face-/Orientation-Sorting,


Speed 700-900 Notes/Min.
Bundling Speed 7 Bundles/Min.
Detection Infrared, Security Thread, UV, Magnetic Ink, Mechanical Thickness
Power Supply 220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Dimensions from: 1310mm x 494mm x 1173mm (LxWxH)
Net Weight from: 150kg