You won’t be making coffee – you will be counting money!

We have machines for the coffee, what we are missing is you and what really counts is your commitment! The prerequisites for a successful career-launch are becoming more and more: being able to speak multiple languages, excellent soft skills, experience acquired abroad, and numerous internships just to name a few.

We are offering you the chance to convert your theoretical knowledge into practical experience and to plant the seed for an international career. Bachelor or Master, technical or business program, student internship, working student or soon-to-be graduate – no matter the status of your academic career or the path you have chosen at Julong you will become a fully integrated member of the team, with your own projects and responsibilities. Outstanding grades, excellent proficiency in both German and English, and a motivated and reliable personality are welcomed additions to your profile.

In order for both sides to benefit from each other we are looking for a long-term commitment of at least six months. And of course we will allow you to harmonize your working hours with your academic schedule, so that neither side has to suffer. In addition we will support you with an appropriate wage. It is your ideas that count! Show us what you are made of and send your application to