• 5 individual models
  • ES2 update via USB in only 20 seconds
  • Fast counting speed (1,400/min.)
  • Smooth polymer processing
  • Unique double-sided banknote recognition
  • Complete counterfeit detection
  • Easy and cost-effective remote maintenance


The Compact Banknote Counter and Fitness Sorter

The JL206-series, equipped with the most advanced security technology, is Julong’s all-rounder. It can be used as a classic banknote counter, value counter, or comprehensive fitness sorter. Equipped with a multitude of functions the JL206 shines in any professional environment and will meet all of your requirements.

The variety of our products allows us to address all of our customers’ wishes and offer individualized solutions. You can for instance choose the JL206F, a fully operational fitness sorter (adhering to ECB regulations) with high repetition accuracy, or the choice might fall on the JL206V, which can be used as a cutting-edge, non-stop value counter and also serves as a fitness sorter (without tape recognition). If only a basic value counter is needed then the JL206GV represents a very cost-effective solution.

Fast Upgrades via USB

With the JL206-series you are able to upgrade your machines within 20 seconds via USB stick. You can even do it yourself at your own facility without having to pay high technician costs. Get quick and easy software and security feature updates, ensuring that your machines are always up-to-date and ready for action.

Capabilities and Functionality

A variety of sensors and analyzing processes are thoroughly checking each banknote for authenticity and fitness. Soiled or defective banknotes are sorted out and only fit notes are sent to the main pocket.

The combination of double-sided recognition via two contact image sensors and wave-length analysis, allows the machine to precisely recognize various security features. Light of different wave-lengths, ranging from ultraviolet to infrared is scanning every note. Information such as value, geometric data, thickness, and security features are analyzed and checked by the internal micro processor.

Magnetic features are checked on the banknote’s entire surface area and a unique procedure decodes the security thread. The JL206 examines banknotes with a level of precision that was in the past only achievable by large back-office sorters.

The user-friendly touchscreen displays the data in a comprehensive and clear manner and will, through advanced self-diagnosis, keep the user informed on the machine’s status. By following the instructions on screen, unlikely cases such as jams or malfunctions can be alleviated easily.

 Experience with Polymer Banknotes

Our portfolio of 12 currencies, spanning around the globe, is continuously expanded upon. Our machines have been processing, among others, Canadian Dollars, Israeli Shekels, and Hong Kong Dollars for many years and have always yielded great results. Julong machines are able to handle the aforementioned currencies with their polymer features without problems.

“Our Money” – ECB Certificate

The machine’s cutting-edge ES2-platform ensures that you are able to process future ES2-banknotes, and lets you be prepared for anything the new banknotes from the ECB-Europe-series, have to offer.

Serial Number Recognition

The image recognition module with its multiple CIS is able to recognize each banknote’s individual serial number and fully decode it. It can compare the serial numbers to blacklists, either stored internally or externally via network, and will notify the operator if a blacklisted number was found. This will stop counterfeit money immediately at the branch level and greatly hinder its spread.

Technical Data

Modes Value-/Piece-Counting, Fitness-Sorting


Pocket-Capacities 500 Notes (Feeder)

200 Notes (Main Pocket)

100 Notes (Reject Pocket)

Detection Infrared, Security Thread, UV, Magnetic Ink, Mechanical Thickness 
Speed Counting: 1400 Notes/Min.
Sorting: 1100 Notes/Min.
Display 4,3’’ LCD Touchscreen
Interface USB, LAN, RS-232, Serial
Power Supply 220V ± 10%,  50-60Hz
Dimensions 320mm x 350mm x 340mm (LxWxH)
Weight 14kg / 16kg