• In full compliance with ECB regulations
  • High level of security
  • Easy to operate
  • Blacklist comparison
  • 900 notes a minute
  • 6 different models available


Efficiency Reigns Supreme

The unique features of Julong’s Advanced Currency Sorter JL305 allow it to spearhead the competition in terms of efficiency. The concept of “virtual pockets” doubles the capacity and will greatly increase your productivity.

Virtual Pockets

The JL305 is equipped with an ingenious mechanism allowing it to pass banknotes from full pockets to a depository, thus freeing up the pocket for the micro processor to continue processing more notes.

Physically the JL305 is, in its basic configuration, equipped with four output-pockets and one reject-pocket. Thanks to the “virtual pockets” the machine is able to double the number of pockets.

The JL305’s entire transportation route is straight and flat. This greatly reduces the risk of jamming and banknote overlay. In the unlikely case of a jam the machine’s entire top cover can be removed by the operator, presenting the whole transportation route and allowing to alleviate any jams effortlessly.


Most processes include sorting into two categories. The JL305 offers two pockets (plus the virtual pockets) per category and allows the machine to be continuously fed with banknotes, thus maximizing efficiency. The JL305 is superior to other machines especially in those cases where notes are sorted according to multiple parameters. Processes, such as sorting by denomination, orientation, and fitness can be done in a quick and easy fashion. The default configuration of the output- and reject-pocket(s) will allow you to complete any task, such as stocking your ATM, fitness-sorting, and mixed value counting.

Performance and Processing

The micro processor runs on a Linux operating system and represents the “heart” of the machine. It gives the JL305 many additional advantages, such as levels of connectivity, upgradability, and speed unmatched by other operating systems. Serial number recognition and their comparison to blacklists, tracking counterfeit banknotes, denomination sorting, and banknote/voucher verification, are just some of its features.

The JL305 is able to process up to 900 banknotes a minute, depending on the operating mode. Additionally it has an automated start-stop function and configurable presets, such as sorting criteria, batch-stops, or total accumulation.

The Display

The touchscreen with its navigation functions is both informative and user-friendly. The JL305 is easy to operate and is supplying the operator with a multitude of important information.

The VGA (Video Graphics Array) flatscreen is not only showing processing results but also the current status of the machine. The screen can be adjusted, allowing for the JL305 to be operated both while sitting down and standing up.

The Sensors

The JL305 is equipped with a number of state of the art sensors. Each sensor gathers information of both the front and the back of the banknote. Three advanced contact image sensors collect information on both sides of the banknote and its condition, such as total surface area, conformity with security features, missing parts, or degree of attrition.

“Our Money” – ECB Certificate

The machine’s cutting-edge ES2-platform ensures that you are able to process future ES2-banknotes, and lets you be prepared for anything the new banknotes from the ECB-Europe-series, have to offer.

Serial Number Recognition

The image recognition module with its multiple CIS is able to recognize each banknote’s individual serial number and fully decode it. It can compare the serial numbers to blacklists, either stored internally or externally via network, and will notify the operator if a blacklisted number was found. This will stop counterfeit money at the most vital level and facilitate communication between central- and commercial banks.

Technical Data

Number of Pockets Standard Configuration:

Physical: 5 (4+1)

In Reality: 9 (8+1)

Maximal Configuration:

Physical: 8 (6+2)

In Reality: 14 (12+2)

 Modes  Fitness-/Denomination-/Face-/Orientation-Sorting,


Currencies Programmable with up to 4 different currencies.
Pocket-Capacities 1000 Notes (Feeder)

250 Notes (Output-Pockets)

200 Notes (Reject-Pocket)

Speed Counting: 900 Notes/Min.

Sorting: 750 Notes/Min.

Power Supply 220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Power Usage 150W
Dimensions from: 1034mm x 380mm x 404mm (LxWxH)
Weight from: 67kg