Software Upgrade

The software applications, together with the technical infrastructure, are the core of our products. It is here where our machines gain their competitive edge and raise the bar for the entire industry. All our machines can be remotely maintained, eliminating technician costs. Software installations and upgrades, such as installing the ES2-series’ newest denominations, can not only be done remotely but also by yourself via USB stick and will be done in only 20 seconds. Our portfolio of 12 processable currencies, spanning around the globe, is continuously expanded upon. Additionally the machines’ cutting-edge ES2-platform ensures that you are prepared for anything the ES2-series will have to offer.

Software Upgrade Video

Optional Currencies

Euro Chinese Yuan US Dollar British Pound
Swiss Franc Russian Ruble Indian Rupee Japanese Yen
South-Korean Won Canadian Dollar Hong Kong Dollar Croatian Kuna
Burmese Kyat  South-African Rand